Hi there! My name is William, and this is Tranquil Candles.

I started Tranquil Candles in May 2020 and since day one, all I wanted to do was give you lovely people and your homes beautiful smells. This means that I treat each and every single candle as if I was making them for my friends and my family.

If there is ever a problem, you can be sure that I will do everything I can to put a smile back on your face.

At Tranquil, I only use the highest quality ingredients and materials. My luxury candles are made in the heart of Surrey and made from soy wax which contains no toxins, pollutants or carcinogens, unlike paraffin wax. Soy wax is also longer lasting, so that means you can enjoy your handcrafted candle for longer. All of my luxury candles are vegan friendly, making them a great gift for everyone - including yourselves!

At Tranquil, I strive to be as Eco-friendly as possible so I am always researching and finding new ways to improve this aspect of my business. I believe that the planet is the most important thing for the future, so I strive to do everything I can to sustain our beautiful planet.