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Create Magical Memories With Fragrance

A beautiful scent is more than simply something that smells nice. It creates mood and atmosphere, whether you want to set the scene for a serene spa night or a sultry space for a cosy night in. And if you’re setting the scene, then you’re creating memories, too…

Because scientific studies confirm that of all the senses, smell offers the best recall. So lighting your favourite candle becomes a ritual that transports you to different times and places, wherever you might be.

In a recent series of Scent Memories, celebrities spoke out about the fragrances that inspire their imagination or that they associate with different times in their lives.

Lily Aldridge, the model who recently launched her own fragrance line, says success smells like: “Champagne. The first thing I did the day my fragrance launched, I bought a bottle of Champagne and my mom and I did cheers at sunset.”

Taylor Hill, model and face of Ralph Lauren’s Romance fragrance, said heartbreak or loss smells like: “Sweets or chocolate. Usually if I’m sad, or even lonely while I’m traveling, or heartbroken about leaving my dog, I crave something sweet, like ice cream or Pinkberry.”

And actress Jamie King says that Sunday mornings smell like: “The farmer’s market, fresh coffee, strawberries, oranges, gardenias, and all things from the ground. It smells like goat’s milk because that’s the first thing my kids want in the morning.”

So think about the candle fragrance you’re choosing and the memories you could be creating for yourself and your nearest and dearest. An apple and cinnamon candle might make you think of a comforting autumnal apple pie or magical Christmas scenes, but you’ll also be creating brand new memories that you’ll never forget.

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