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How To Choose A Candle As A Gift

It’s possible that receiving a candle as a gift is like being given socks when you were a kid. Maybe candles are not quite your thing, or perhaps you dread the foul, fruit-scented candle you were given by an ex-boyfriend’s mum one Christmas.

There’s also the possibility you were given a novelty candle in the work’s Secret Santa, that ends up being stuck in the back of a cupboard and never looked at again. But in recent years, buying, receiving, and giving candles have gained a feeling of real intimacy.

This means that a candle can be a much more considered present than a £10 Boots gift card, and can be a much more thoughtful gift for anyone on your list. It’s a great option for someone you want to give a gift that has some substance, but you might not know them well enough to choose something personal.

So, in a world with so many options, how do you choose a candle for someone? The first thing to consider is the scent. If you are unsure what scents the recipient of the candle likes, then it would be best to go for something relatively neutral, to avoid offending anyone with a strong smell they do not like, or something that even gives them a headache.

Some go-to scents might include pine and woody scents, sandalwood, earthy comforting aromas that do not overpower a room. Aim for more natural scents of nature. Sweet and fruity scents, unless you know the recipient likes them, might not be for everyone.

Scent is very personal, much like perfume or aftershave, and very subjective to an individual’s taste. If you really know the person you want to give it to, then trust your gut instinct, but if you’re unsure, then it might be best to play it safe.

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