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New Study Suggests Going Vegan Can Undo 16 Years Of Fossil Fuel Emissions

Climate change is a critical concern right now, and a recent study suggests that if the world stops eating meat and the land used for ranching was returned to its natural state up to 16 years worth of carbon dioxide emissions can be undone.

The stunning research focuses less on the more evident health and ethical benefits of going vegan or even the inherent damage caused by mass animal farming. The study, as published in Nature Sustainability, suggests that that the benefits of ending mass meat and dairy farming would free up vast amounts of land that could help reverse the damage caused by man-made climate change.

According to the study, the benefits come in two main ways. The first is the removal of a vast industry and the huge amounts of methane it generates, which contributes up to 28 times the level of greenhouse commissions as carbon dioxide.

The second benefit, often hiding in plain sight, is that the land, up to 7bn kilometres of land, could be returned to its native state, which would significantly help the planet’s ability to absorb carbon dioxide emissions and therefore reduce the effects of climate change.

This amount of land that could be returned to nature is the size of Russia.

Going vegan entirely would remove 16 years’ worth of carbon dioxide, which could help buy enough time to move to sustainable energy supplies free of fossil fuels, and with the help of other products such as vegan candles create a more sustainable future for the planet.

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