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Safety Tips to Prevent House Fires

Losing your possessions and even your home to a fire is a devastating experience. A serious fire may even result in loss of life through smoke inhalation or burns, especially if the building isn’t fitted with a properly maintained alarm system. Here’s a few tips to avoid the most common fire hazards in the home.

Cooking appliances are the most common cause of house fires in the UK, according to Home Office statistics. Unattended pots and pans can quickly catch fire when overheated. Be sure to never leave the kitchen when using heat. If your phone rings during cooking, turn off the hob before answering in case you get drawn into a long discussion.

Smoking and smokers’ materials are the next biggest cause of house fires. A cigarette butt which has not been fully extinguished can set alight textiles. Avoid smoking in bed, as falling asleep with a lit cigarette is particularly dangerous. Bedding and mattresses may be flammable, and you are also likely to be on an upper floor, making escape more difficult.

Candles are an obvious fire hazard in the home. If you must use them, choose T-lights which are more stable than tapered candles, and burn out after a few hours. Never light candles near curtains, and keep them away from kids and pets. Use a snuffer or spoon to extinguish them rather than blowing on them, to avoid flying sparks.

Electrical wiring and appliances can catch fire, if they are old or poorly maintained. Avoid overloading extension leads, and never use a damaged cable or socket.

Of course, a fire can occur at any time no matter how cautious you are. It is essential that your home is fitted with smoke and fire detectors which are checked on a regular basis, and replaced every ten years. Modern fire alarms can be integrated with your existing security system, so it is worth doing some research.

For expert advice about installing a modern fire alarm system, contact your local supplier today.

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