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The Benefits Of Burning Candles

Nothing can beat that feeling when you have lit a scented therapeutic candle in your home, and the scent permeates through the rooms. Not only does it create a cosy atmosphere, but also adds a touch of elegance and luxury. But there many more benefits that that to burning a candle.

Sales of scented candles have skyrocketed during the lockdown, as we hunker down for the winter, as research group Kantar has reported sales of scented candles, potpourri and essential oils for diffusers jumped 29 per cent in October.

Here are some of the physical and mental benefits of scented candles.

Essential oils

When you burn a candle made with high-quality essential oils, the aroma is released into the air, which when inhaled by us means the essential oils are absorbed into our bloodstream, allowing us to benefit from their soothing effects.

Remember happy times

Smell is a powerful sense that can trigger intense memories. A candle with a scent with which you have a strong connection can bring happy memories to the surface.

Boost your mood

Scents can also boost our mood. Lavender and rose create a feeling of calmness, whereas citrus scents promote feelings of happiness and energy. So next time you are feeling down, light a therapeutic candle and boost your mood.

Pink noise

Pink noise is similar to white noise, except that it has a lower frequency which most people find more relaxing. Burning a candle can create this calming pink noise, and combined with the soft flickering of the flame, therapeutic candles have a deeply relaxing effect. A perfect way to de-stress at the end of the day.

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