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Top Tips For A Vegan Halloween

Halloween is the first of the autumn or winter festivals that we tend to get excited about and, as it falls as the nights are drawing in and we’re getting ready for the darker months of the year, it’s a great excuse to get out some candles and decorate your home.

Going vegan for Halloween is surprisingly easy, as a post for Peta recently noted, with plenty of easy swaps that mean you don’t have to miss out on the fun and can stick to your principles.

Of course, for many of us Halloween means pumpkin carving and candles. This year, look for vegan candles made from the likes of soy wax. You could even pick out a scented candle with an autumnal fragrance to set the mood.

When it comes to trick or treaters, make sure you have some vegan sweets and chocolates on hand to give out. These are easier (and less expensive) to pick up than you might think, with many products vegan even if they’re not marketed as such. Examples from a previous Peta blog include Love Hearts, Jelly Tots, Skittles and Millions.

If you’re decorating your home for Halloween, use natural materials rather than buying plastic decorations or items that will go straight in the bin on November 1. Plastics in particular can damage the environment and animals after they’ve been disposed of, so avoid these and instead collect leaves, branches and other natural materials for the season.

Pumpkins are, naturally, another great option to add to your Halloween aesthetic, and you don’t need to carve each and every one of them.

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