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Top Tips For Creating Vegan Home Interiors

When you make the choice to go vegan, the first place you obviously make changes is to your diet. Avoiding not only meat, but dairy and any foods that are made by exploiting animals (honey, for example) is your first port of call.

Many vegans will, naturally, also avoid buying clothes or shoes that use any animal products, most commonly leather and wool.

This often follows through to furniture choices too, in terms of not selecting a leather sofa, for instance, but have you considered other ways in which to make your home interiors compatible with a vegan lifestyle?

An article for Eco Warrior Princess recently explored exactly this topic, noting that there are still comparatively few resources available for those who want to make their homes environments vegan to fit in with their other lifestyle choices.

One innovation to look at, for instance, is plant-based furniture. The article highlighted a product known as apple leather, because it is made using apple skins and apple waste products from the food industry, contributing to a circular economy as well as one that’s free from cruelty to animals.

If you love scented candles, but want to avoid the harmful fumes released by paraffin candles, look to soy wax or coconut wax vegan candles as an alternative. Steer clear of candles made from beeswax if you are a vegan, however.

You can find out why I use soy wax, and why it’s such a great option for eco-friendly and vegan candles, in my recent blog where I explain the benefits of this particular kind of wax.

Chloe Bullock, vegan decorator, offered some advice to readers of the news site. “A really good way to avoid some animal products is to look for recycled content. You can avoid feathers and down by opting for duvets, pillows and cushion pads filled with recycled PET,” she suggested.

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