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What Is The Best Scent For Each Mood

What we sense dictates our mood in many ways, and so by selecting particularly scented artisan candles, we can create a peaceful space using the power of our own senses.

This feeling that connects our mood, our memories and smells is something that is such a major part of us that it has a name: the Proustian moment.

A study at Harvard suggests a scientific basis to this as well, with smell information travelling all across the brain, in similar ways to sight, sound and taste.

With that, here are just some of our favourite scents for different moods.


Many of us light candles and create a space simply to relax and calm our senses, and several scents that create calm in us are well known.

Lavender is one of the most well known, well studied and most popular scents precisely because of its relaxation effect.

As well as this, other scents such as the mellow chamomile and bergamot are also excellent for promoting a calming space.


Bright, citrusy notes are as perfect for improving our mood as citrus fruits are for helping our well-being.

The sharp scents of lemons and grapefruits help to uplift us and the tropical scents of these and other citrus peel scents help to soothe our worries and concerns.


As more of us work from home, we sometimes need something to help us focus. Sharp and refreshing minty scents are ideal for this.

The freshness of mints like peppermint and spearmint, as well as the more medicinal smell of eucalyptus, can keep us working on the task at hand.

If you need a particularly strong invigorating scent, rosemary can be used as well.

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