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Why Soy Wax?

I've had a lot of people ask me about why I use soy wax instead of other waxes?

When I first started this business, I spent quite a bit of time thinking about what kind of wax I wanted to use.

I knew straight away that I wanted my candles to be vegan, so beeswax was out of the question as it's sourced from an animal and sometimes, in a sinister way. In some cases, farmers will cut off the Queen Bee's wings so that she can not leave the colony. When the beekeeper wants to move the Queen to a colony, she will be carried with 'bodyguard' bees, all of whom will be killed by the bees in the new colony (if they have survived transport).

Gel Wax was the second wax that I considered the most, due to the finished effect that it offers. It ultimately provides a bubbled texture in the hardened wax which looks really cool as well as it holding fragrance a lot better than most waxes. However, the main negative for me is that it gets extremely hot, and the heat that it emits can actually explode glass.

The most commonly used wax for candle making is paraffin, which is used by some of the most famous candle makers in the world. Not only is it famed for its inexpensiveness but it is also easily scented, easy to work with and easy to dye. Although paraffin has so many positive aspects to it, it also has a few negatives to it. Paraffin is made with petroleum, which is a nonrenewable source and not as environmentally friendly as natural waxes. It can also trigger allergens more often than other waxes and is a producer of black soot and air pollutants.

The reason that I didn't want to use paraffin wax is because of the negative aspects it comes with, even though it's more affordable than other waxes. I didn't feel right using paraffin wax because of the pollutants and soot it creates.

What's so special about soy wax then? Why do I use it?

Soy wax is an extremely renewable wax, and it's created from hydrogenated soybean oil which is extracted from the seeds of the soybean. Soybeans have a very long history with East Asia, being a crucial crop before written records began. Throughout the timeline of humanity, the soybean has been moved all over the world, and now grown practically everywhere. It's such a big supporter of farmers and the economy which is great!

As I make my candles in batches, soy wax is great for making a large number of candles which is amazing. However, I do make batches in small quantities to ensure that each candle gets the utmost love and attention that they need.

When soy wax is in its purest form, it produces very little soot and is toxin-free, and on top of all of this, it's also a biodegradable wax!

Soy wax is definitely my favourite wax, from its sustainability to its beautiful finish. The next time you're shopping for candles, take a deeper look and see if you can find what wax the candles are made from.

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