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Why You Should Buy Clean-Burning Candles

We think scented candles are great and they have many benefits for our stress and comfort levels in our homes. However, too many scented candles are made using ingredients that create air pollution that’s bad for your health, which is the opposite of what you’re trying to achieve if you’re relaxing and unwinding.

As an article for Refinery29 pointed out, this is why it’s important to swap out your cheap scented candles for clean-burning candles.

The news provider explained that cheap candles are generally made from materials that can not only be bad for you, but that are also bad for the environment. Traditional paraffin wax, for instance, is derived from petroleum. There are some great alternatives out there that are eco-friendly and better for you, such as our soy wax candles.

Candle wicks in cheap candles often contain metal fibres, so it’s worth taking the time to look for candles that have 100 per cent cotton wicks to prevent any air pollution being generated by this part of the candle too.

Finally there’s the scent. You want to choose a candle that uses natural fragrances. As the news site pointed out, be very wary of any candles that use the catch-all term ‘parfum’ on their ingredients list.

When you’ve got your clean-burning candles though, you can use them for general relaxation or, as an article for Forbes recently suggested, you could introduce scented candles to your working from home space to create a soothing environment for all of your senses and help you feel less overwhelmed when you’re under pressure at work.

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