The Oudh Wood and Rose diffuser is a dark and decadent blend of damask rose and rich smoky Oudh wood. This beautiful diffuser will last between 4-12 weeks, dependant on placement and temperature.

Oudh Wood and Rose Reed Diffuser

SKU: OWRDiffuser
    • Unscrew the wooden diffuser cap and carefully remove the travel stopper from the reed diffuser.
    • Replace the wooden diffuser cap, and insert the dry reeds into the fragrance and allow 48-72 hours for the scent to travel up the reeds. Enhance your space by allowing reeds to absorb the fragrance.
    • Keep in a cool, dry space for optimum performance and a longer-lasting diffuser.
    • For optimum infusion and performance, carefully flip the reeds every 5-7 days.
    • It would be best if you placed the diffuser at head height level for optimum scent throw.
    • Ideal for use in small rooms or entryways. For medium-sized rooms, it is preferable to set the diffuser in the centre of the room so when people pass by, the air moves and the fragrance circulates. For larger rooms, it is preferable to have two positioned on the two opposite sides of the space you wish to fragrance.
    • Use fewer reeds for a lighter scent.